Macros [Exported]


Deprecated macro for adding object-independent docstrings to a module.

Use the following syntax instead:


source: Docile/src/Legacy/macros.jl:54


The text found in the file text is used as the docstring content.

Deprecated in favour of automatically using a file's content if the docstring matches a file path.

source: Docile/src/Legacy/macros.jl:66

Methods [Internal]

call(::Type{Docile.Legacy.Manual}, ::Void, files)

Usage from REPL, use current directory as root.

source: Docile/src/Legacy/types.jl:49

data(n, docstr)

Assign to docs to n and return a dictionary of keyword arguments.

source: Docile/src/Legacy/atdoc.jl:26


Main documentation generation routine.

source: Docile/src/Legacy/atdoc.jl:73

doc(expr::Expr, generic)

Main documentation generation routine.

source: Docile/src/Legacy/atdoc.jl:73

doc(s::Symbol, ex::Expr)

Detect '@doc+' syntax in macro call.

source: Docile/src/Legacy/atdoc.jl:201


Return the category of an object.

source: Docile/src/Legacy/atdoc.jl:66


Get the symbolic name of an expression.

source: Docile/src/Legacy/atdoc.jl:40


Extract the docstring and expression to be documented from an -> expression.

source: Docile/src/Legacy/atdoc.jl:59


Extract the line number and documented object expression from a block.

source: Docile/src/Legacy/atdoc.jl:52

Macros [Internal]


Document an object.

@doc " ... " ->
f(x) = x

@doc+ " ... " ->
g(x) = x

source: Docile/src/Legacy/atdoc.jl:217


Setup macro-style documentation datastructures.

source: Docile/src/Legacy/atdoc.jl:5