Methods [Exported]

findmethods(state::Docile.Runner.State, ex::Expr, codesource)

Find all methods defined by an method definition expression.

"A docstring for the methods ``f(::Any)`` and ``f(::Any, ::Any)``"
f(x, y = 1) = x + y

source: Docile/src/Runner/lookup.jl:10

findtuples(state::Docile.Runner.State, expr::Expr)

Find the Method objects referenced by (...) docstring syntax.

"Shared docstring for all 2 argument methods, first argument an ``Int``."
(foo, Int, Any)

source: Docile/src/Runner/lookup.jl:45

findvcats(state::Docile.Runner.State, expr::Expr)

Find Function and Method objects referenced by [...] syntax.

"Shared docstring for differently named functions."
[foobar, foobar!]

source: Docile/src/Runner/lookup.jl:64

withref(fn, state, ref)

Push reference onto state, run function block, and pop reference afterwards.

source: Docile/src/Runner/state.jl:25

Types [Exported]


Hold state for use with exec to determine the objects referenced by symbols.

source: Docile/src/Runner/state.jl:4

Methods [Internal]

addtoscope!(state, var, value)

Add new variable and it's value to topmost scope.

source: Docile/src/Runner/state.jl:42

exec(state::Docile.Runner.State, expr::Expr)

Evaluate the expression expr within the context provided by state.

source: Docile/src/Runner/lookup.jl:86

funcname(state::Docile.Runner.State, expr::Expr)

Return the Function object represented by a method definition expression.

source: Docile/src/Runner/lookup.jl:164


Extract the expressions representing a method definition's arguments.

source: Docile/src/Runner/lookup.jl:158


Extract the expressions from a {} in a function definition.

source: Docile/src/Runner/lookup.jl:153


Line number and file name pair for a method m.

source: Docile/src/Runner/lookup.jl:36