Methods [Exported]


Empty the documentation cache of all data.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:49


Get the metadata dictionaries for all documented objects in a module.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:29

getmeta(m::Module, obj)

Get the Dict{Symbol, Any} containing an object's metadata.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:34


Get the parsed docstrings associated with all documented objects in a module.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:16

getparsed(m::Module, obj)

Get the parsed form of a docstring associated with an object obj.

Automatically parses the raw docstring on demand when first called. Subsequent calls will return the parsed docstring that has been cached.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:24


Get the raw docstrings associated with all documented objects in a module.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:6

getraw(m::Module, obj)

Get the raw docstring associated with a documented object obj in module m.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:11


Return all documented objects found in a module m.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:54

Methods [Internal]

extractor!(cache::Docile.Cache.GlobalCache, raw::AbstractString, m::Module, obj)

Extract metadata embedded in docstrings and run the parsedocs method defined for the docstring raw.

source: Docile/src/Cache/utilities.jl:44

findmeta(m::Module, obj, key::Symbol, T)

Find the metadata for key associated with an object obj in module m.

Returns a Nullable{T} object. isnull must be called to determine whether an object was actually found or not.

When obj does not contain the field key then the module's metadata and all it's parents are searched in turn. Finally the package's metadata is searched for key.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:71


Get the ModuleData object associated with a module m.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:44


Get the PackageData object associated with a module m.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:39


Returns the set of all loaded modules.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:76

parse!(cache::Docile.Cache.GlobalCache, m::Module)

Parse raw docstrings in module m into their parsed form.

Also extracts additional embedded metadata found in each raw docstring.

source: Docile/src/Cache/utilities.jl:31


Turn on documenting of Base and it's submodules. Off by default.

source: Docile/src/Cache/interface.jl:59

Types [Internal]


For a single module store raw docstrings, parsed docs, and metadata.

source: Docile/src/Cache/types.jl:6