Modules [Exported]


Methods to extend how Docile handles parsing of docstrings.

These methods could just as easily be defined outside of the package and allow for package authors to customise how their documentation is presented to users.

source: Docile/src/Extensions/Extensions.jl:11

Methods [Internal]

metamacro(::Docile.Formats.MetaMacro{:get, false}, body, mod, obj)

Get the value stored in an object's metadata field.

In the following example the value associated with the field :author is spliced back into the docstring in place of it:


When no field is found in the metadata for the object, the module and package metadata are searched in turn.

source: Docile/src/Extensions/Extensions.jl:27

metamacro(::Docile.Formats.MetaMacro{:include, false}, body, mod, obj)

Splice the contents of a file in place of the metamacro call.


filename must reference an available file found relative to the source file where the metamacro is called from.

source: Docile/src/Extensions/Extensions.jl:102

metamacro(::Docile.Formats.MetaMacro{:longform, false}, body, mod, obj)

Make the contained text only appear in non-interactive output.


In the REPL the text is not displayed. Other metamacro calls can be nested inside a !!longform(...) call, such as !!include(...).

source: Docile/src/Extensions/Extensions.jl:88

metamacro(::Docile.Formats.MetaMacro{:set, false}, body, mod, obj)

Set the value for a field in an object's metadata.

!!set(author:Author's Name)

The key in this example is :author and the value is "Author's Name".

source: Docile/src/Extensions/Extensions.jl:40

metamacro(::Docile.Formats.MetaMacro{:summary, false}, body, mod, obj)

Specify a short (120 character) summary for a docstring.


The text will be used in the generated index page produced by Lexicon.

A warning is printed when a summary exceeds the character limit.

source: Docile/src/Extensions/Extensions.jl:72

metamacro(::Docile.Formats.MetaMacro{:var, false}, body, mod, obj)

Equivalent to !!set followed by !!get for the provided key.

!!var(author:Author's Name)

The key in this example is :author and the value is "Author's Name".

source: Docile/src/Extensions/Extensions.jl:58